August and September Fishing

For most guides August and September are among the two slowest guiding months. What most anglers don’t realize is that although the weather can be hot and sticky in this time frame, the fishing can be absolutely AMAZING!

Tarpon- August and September are quickly becoming my favorite months to fish for the large and small tarpon. Most of the local fly and bait anglers forget about tarpon and focus on other species. I choose to target tarpon, especially the juvenile fish. Creeks, deepwater basins, and canal systems provide opportunities to find rolling baby tarpon when the tides and weather conditions allow. You may also find large tarpon (very few) along the beaches and inside the bays as we believe the resident tarpon move back in to feed and winter over. I have given a few anglers the opportunity to throw at large tarpon in inches of water. Sometimes tarpon push onto shallow flats and can be seen with their backs out of the water as they crawl across a flat looking to ambush mullet.

Bonita- August and September have also provided excellent bonita blitzing action. When the weather aligns (light winds and clean skies) the bonita can be found pouncing the fry bait that is found in schools right off the local beaches and near large passes.

Snook- Night snook fishing is always an option but I typically find the larger fish this time of year feeding on the lights at night. Even when snook season is open and the lights are being pounded by bait fishermen there are still opportunities especially late in the night or early in the morning for some solid snook on fly! Every now and then you may find a dock light with baby tarpon circling the light, these fish almost always take a well placed fly.

Redfish- When the tides are low I have been finding large schools of redfish that will readily feed on topwater flies. I only take anglers to find schooling redfish when the winds are light enough as it may be tough for a new angler to place flies into a school of fish with strong winds blowing across the wide open flats of Tampa and Sarasota bay

I have attached a video I filmed and edited using a very simple app on my iPhone. The footage shows what you may be missing if you are not booking a trip with me in September and August!



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