Fly Fishing Tampa Bay for Jacks

It was a cold day in Tampa Bay, our goal was to check some spots for cobia. We spent the morning running around looking for rays and cobia pushing around. After seeing two fish in the first two hours of fishing I decided to poke around on some of the shoals near by for potential redfish. It was another barren wasteland until I looked over my shoulder to see a giant wake heading directly towards the skiff. I had to do a double take at first and then spotted the first of atleast 100 jacks that were screaming down the shallow sandbar heading straight towards the boat. As soon as I spotted the first fish the group turned around and disappeared into the deep.  We rigged a 9 weight rod with a topwater fly just in case the school decided to play red rover once more.

20 minutes later this happened:


Angler Steve Halstead was able to intercept a massive school of incoming jacks with a top water fly! He hooked up and was immediately sent into the backing!

Steve Halstead Jack 1-21-15 3

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