Redfish on Fly

When the Tarpon start thinning out on the beaches, redfish are the target of choice for fly anglers on the west coast of Florida. Late July all the way through  October provides the opportunity to find large schools of redfish roaming the shallow grass flats. It is not uncommon to see 100 redfish pushing the flat while voraciously eating anything that gets in the way, that includes flies! If you are looking to catch your first redfish on fly this is the time and place to do just that. Not only are the fish hungry and dumb they are also not as pressured when fished in the evening hours (especially during a weekday). I typically like to couple a redfish charter with some night fishing and the chance to catch a Tampa Bay grand slam on fly (tarpon, redfish, trout, and snook)


A delicate presentation in front of a school of hungry moving redfish is a sight you will never forget! After the initial bite these redfish will tug the line and fight all the way back to the boat.


Some days are better than others and the school we just plucked a fish from will make its way back towards the boat for a second chance to catch another one.

Brent and evan Redfish desoto 10-2-2015





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